We understand that, in the event of an emergency, the immediate availability and deployment of marine pollution control equipment is invaluable to prevent further spread of pollution.

Our marine range is ideal for containing floating liquids and debris on water, removal of oil from the surface of the water, temporary containment of pollutants and filtration and separation of oils from water.

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Harbourguard boom

Oil containment and debris booms for emergency and long term deployment for response to spills of oil and floating debris on water.

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Weir Skimmer

Skimmers for effective separation and extraction of oils from the surface of water in marine environments as well as industrial applications.

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Floating Storage Tank

Temporary storage tanks for pollutants collected from water, our range of storage tanks are designed to provide the right solution for any situation.

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Our SPILLCARE products

Our range of Spillcare products are designed to help companies contain, control and clean up spills and all manner of liquid pollution protecting the environment from spills and pollution events that occur on a daily basis.