permanent fence boom

Designed for spill response, medium and long term deployment in all inland and sheltered inshore waters with slow currents.

The Trident Fence Boom is lightweight and quick and easy to deploy and recover and is available with a number of connector options making it easy to use in any situation.

The connections are designed to overlap to prevent pollutants passing through the boom joints.

The boom has sealed-in weights and floats making it easy to clean and concertinas for ease of storage when not in use.

  • Colours – Yellow PVC as standard, Orange PU and PUA.
  • Float material – either polystyrene foam or closed cell polyethylene foam in individual pockets
  • Ballast material – either mild steel blocks in individually sealed pockets or chain
  • Construction – high frequency radio welding
  • Connectors – EML, ASTM or Emcon
  • Tow end bridles available to order for all types of connectors
Fence Boom
Permanent Fence Boom Diagram
Inflatable Boom Diagram

inflatable boom

The Trident inflatable boom is designed for short term emergency deployment in inland waters, ports, harbours and docks.

This type of boom is typically used for deployment from vessels but its small space requirement and speed of deployment make it suitable for a range of deployments across inland waters.

The inflatable buoyancy chamber displays higher buoyancy to weight ratio and continual ballast and skirt aid oil containment.

  • Colours: Yellow PVC or Orange PU and PUA.
  • Construction: high frequency radio weld
  • Manufactured from PVC as standard, also available in PU and PUA
  • Ballast: in-built ballast system
  • Buoyancy: inflatable buoyancy chamber
  • Lengths: 5m, 10m and 20m as standard. Other lengths available to order
  • Heights: 25cm, 45cm, 60cm, 75cm and 110cm as standard.
  • Connectors: EML, EMCON or ASTM connectors
  • Valves: MONSUN MKX11 and XG
  • Petrol and diesel powered inflators also available
  • Manual and hydraulic operated deployment reels and ancillary equipment also available

harbourguard boom

The Trident Harbourguard boom is a high buoyancy curtain boom sited to both harbours and open waters. The boom ensures protection of the harbourside water environment from accidental discharge of oils and other contaminating products.

A boom of high strength, buoyancy and stability consisting of a cylindrical foam filled float section and a skirt with galvanised chain ballast/tension member.

  • Boom Material: Orange PU and PUA or Yellow PVC
  • Fabric Weight: 1000 gsm
  • Float Material: Closed cell Polyethylene Foam
  • Bottom Ballast: 10 mm galvanized chain
  • Connectors: supplied with EMCON or ASTM connectors
  • Tow end bridles available to order for all types of connectors
  • Bespoke lengths and sizes available on request
Harbourguard Boom
Harbourguard Boom Diagram
Debris Boom Diagram

debris boom

Suitable for all inland waterways as well as the nearshore marine environment we provide a range of debris booms to contain floating debris.

The specially moulded floats are highly resistant to impact and provide high buoyancy.

The floats require minimal maintenance and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

The boom is designed to protect inlets and outlets from waterborne debris and detritus. It can also be used as a safety barrier system.

These booms are designed predominantly for permanent deployment in areas of high and ongoing spill risk.

  • Lengths: 10m, 15m, 20m and 25m as standard
  • Height: 45cm, 60cm as standard
  • Floats: High impact resistant HD polyethylene floats
  • Ballast: Block weights or galvanised chain
  • Base fabric: PVG – Manufactured from PVC/PU blend coated onto woven polyester scrim with good water and oil resistance, 4mm thickness,
  • Connectors: EMCON and ASTM
  • Breaking strength: 300kN/m (30.6 tonnes/m)

Shield boom

The Shield boom (otherwise known as a log boom) is suitable for installation in environments such as rivers, harbours, lakes and estuaries where heavier or larger volumes of floating debris are present.

The Shield boom is manufactured from double walled HDPE with an integral closed cell foam float and internal steel channel ballast for high resistance to impact from debris.

The optional debris screen is available in galvanised or stainless steel and can be attached to the boom to also contain submerged debris.

  • High density PVC float with internal foam fill
  • Internal steel channel ballast
  • Double walled HDPE float
  • Optional debris screen
Shield Boom
Shield Boom Diagram
Maritime Air Boom Diagram

maritime air boom

Maritime air booms are typically used onboard spill response vessels or applications where a float filled boom would prove too bulky to store and space is restricted.

Maritime air booms are typically deployed in open waters where a boom can be impacted by varying wave heights. In such environments this air boom has a higher buoyancy to weight ratio to maintain boom performance in changing wave conditions.

Maritime air booms are manufactured from Neoprene or Hypalon for added strength to withstand harsh offshore conditions.

A powered boom reel and inflator would be required for correct deployment of this boom.

  • Galvanised chain ballast
  • UV resistant
  • High buoyancy to weight ratio
  • EMCON or ASTM connectors
  • Monsun valves
  • Also available as coloured Hypalon

beach seal / bank seal boom

Beach Seal and Bank Seal Booms are a highly effective oil containment boom for shallow water or intertidal zones. These water ballasted booms can also be used on land.
The Trident Beach Seal and Bank Seal booms act as an oil containment boom when afloat, and when the water level recedes in tidal or variable water level situations, acts to retain the oil by forming a seal with the ground. This range of booms are suitable for all applications from small streams to beaches.

Boom Overview

When afloat booms have excellent wave following characteristics due to their air buoyancy/water ballast tube design. In deployment situations where the boom is aground, the vertical perforated inner membrane acts as a tension member and prevents the boom from rolling, giving the boom excellent stability and sealing characteristics.

The beach seal / bank seal boom is very versatile. It can be used at the water’s edge as a beach seal which maintains an effective barrier throughout the tidal range to protect marshes. In shallow rivers, the boom can be used to improve oil recovery operations by acting as a dam to increase water depth.

The smooth continuous boom profile inhibits the formation of vortices, thereby discouraging oil loss under the boom and due to its ability to operate with a low air inflation pressure the boom is highly flexible and contours more effectively.

This range of booms are incredibly durable with a high resistance to punctures, abrasion and rough handling and are resistant to hydrocarbons and are protected against damaging effects of UV rays.

After deployment, these booms can be easily cleaned with normal detergents and hot or cold pressure washers.

  • Available in PVC, PU and PUA
  • EMCON or ASTM connectors
  • Monsun valves
  • Air buoyancy / water ballast design
  • Smooth boom profile
  • Low air pressure requirement
  • Bespoke lengths available on request
Beach Seal Bank Seal Boom

Our SPILLCARE products

Our range of Spillcare products are designed to help companies contain, control and clean up spills and all manner of liquid pollution protecting the environment from spills and pollution events that occur on a daily basis.