Weir skimmers

For emergency oil spill recovery situations

For efficient removal of oil from the surface of water. Weir Skimmers are ideal for mobile emergency oil spill response. Suitable for use in all inland waterways including rivers, lakes, industrial lagoons and interceptors.

The skimmers’ ability to skim all floating fluids from the surface of water is exceptional and they have proved their worth many times in cases of emergency. Widely used by civil engineering and local authorities.

Weir Skimmer

Skimming is achieved by ballasting the floats with water until the central weir is positioned correctly to remove the oil pollution floating on the water surface.

  • Depth of skim manually adjusted
  • Operates down to 4” shallow draft
  • Manufactured in marine grade stainless steel
  • One man lift and operation
  • Will fit down a standard manhole

Silverweir Skimmer

Skimming is achieved by oil flowing over a constantly adjusting circular weir plate induced by the action of pulsating bellows.

  • Self adjusting/ballasting
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Manufactured in marine grade stainless steel
  • Discharge can be by gravity, vacuum tanker or compatible pumping unit

Multi skimmer

Ultra lightweight, high capacity brush/disc skimmer

For high capacity recovery of all types of oil in a wide range of spill conditions. Ideally suited for use in ports, harbours, docks and rivers.

Our brush/disc skimmer has interchangeable oleophilic brush and disc recovery banks. As the disc or brush banks are rotated through the water, oil adheres to the surfaces which is then scraped off the collection surface and deposited into the central sump of the skimmer head. The recovered oil is then pumped into a recovery tank.


Recovers up to 24 m3/h, with very low water content of between 2-5% (dependant on the oil type, viscosity, slick thickness, and temperature)

  • High capacity oil recovery
  • Manufactured in reinforced fibreglass
  • Interchangeable between brush and disc
  • Rapidly deployed, easy to connect
  • Lightweight for easy one-man handling

Rope mop skimmer

For recovery of surface oil contaminants from industrial waste-water processes

Rope Mop Skimmers can be used to recover surface oil contaminants in a wide variety of applications. They can be used as permanent fixtures to continuously operate and remove contamination 24 hours a day 7 days a week from all types of industrial and manufacturing processes. They can also be used for emergency oil spill response as a mobile unit on land or as part of a spill response vessel.

The rope mop is made from polypropylene which is specially constructed to form a large surface area ‘net’ to encapsulate the oil on the surface of the water. The rope mop can be made to any length required from 2m-120m long. This is an endless loop, factory joined which is rotated and squeezed by the mop skimmer drive unit (skimmer head). The liquids are squeezed off from the skimmer head and processed through an oil/water separator tank (water decanter) mounted underneath. Any free water is returned to the place it was collected and concentrated oils, fats or greases are sent to the rear of the tank for either gravity feeding into a tank or further pumping to another area for collection.

The skimmer can be powered by any electric drive. Hydraulic, air and diesel options are also available.

We can supply our rope mop skimmers with bespoke accessories to suit your site requirements; such as bunded collection tanks, mounting frame work, electrical control gear and separator scraper units.

    • Endless looped mops
    • Low power consumption
    • Up to 40m lift
    • Up to 120m length
    • Mops can be deployed either vertically down holes or horizontally across interceptors, lakes, etc
    • Can sweep large areas using pulley or guide roller

Our SPILLCARE products

Our range of Spillcare products are designed to help companies contain, control and clean up spills and all manner of liquid pollution protecting the environment from spills and pollution events that occur on a daily basis.