Expander Tank

Fully collapsible self-erecting tank with a floating collar

Manufactured in either PVC, PU or PUA, Expander Tanks are fully collapsible and self-erecting without the requirement for any metal framework. The expander tank can be turned inside out for easy cleaning.

The tank self-erects on filling with liquid, with stability being provided by a stiffened top collar with a foam insert.

Ideal for use as a decontamination bath, placed under dripping machinery to contain leaks or for emergency storage of recovered product.

Standard sizes from 80 litres to 12,000 litres.

Optional ground mat available.

    • Floating collar
    • Foam insert collar
    • No metal framework required

Floating storage tank

 Flexible storage tanks offer an efficient and cost effective solution for temporary storage of recovered hydrocarbons

Produced in heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon fabric, these high quality liquid storage tanks can be used afloat or on dry land, for emergency and general storage. The floating storage tanks are tough, puncture and abrasion resistant and provide instant reliable storage in most environmental conditions.

A buoyancy cuff is incorporated along each side which is air inflated. Optionally ethafoam buoyancy can be incorporated, which also acts as a fender.

Four separate inlet/outlet fittings are located on top of the tank with anti-choke protectors.

Securing eyes are incorporated along each side for restraining the tank on dry ground.

    • EMCON or ASTM connector at each end
    • Buoyancy cuffs
    • Securing eyes
    • Polyurethane coated nylon

Our SPILLCARE products

Our range of Spillcare products are designed to help companies contain, control and clean up spills and all manner of liquid pollution protecting the environment from spills and pollution events that occur on a daily basis.